Commercial Billing

Commercial Billing – is a 100% cloud-based practice management tool that drives new efficiencies, helps boost revenues, and delivers complete visibility.

No Fault Billing

No-Fault insurance is a medical coverage for injuries that are related to motor vehicles. No-Fault is always primary, no matter what other insurance coverage a person may have, in states where car insurance is mandatory.

Worker’s Comp Billing

Efficiently manages your account receivables, increase profitability, and reduces office overhead for better accounting information and a more satisfied patient clientele.

Financial Reporting

Healthcare providers all across the United States face similar challenges. With decreasing reimbursements and increasing denial rates, physicians are seeing a serious impact on their bottom line.

Welcome to Tangent System Corp.

Tangent-EHR is one of the leading healthcare information technology solution providers that offer physicians a comprehensive Electronic Healthcare System (EHR). We offer an all-inclusive software suite called Tangent One Solution–TOS. It’s a 100% secured, cloud-based, and completely integrated software, which delivers end-to-end solution for practice management.

Tangent One Solution–TOS utilizes a single-database platform, delivering healthcare providers a powerful solution; from the time a patient is scheduled to the time the payment is made by the insurance carrier.

Tangent One Solution–TOS will improve the your financial performance and ultimately transform your medical practice into a successful business enterprise. We serve an ever-increasing range of diverse healthcare providers, spread across various healthcare specialties.

Whether you are a solo practitioner, medium sized practice, or a large healthcare organization; Tangent-EHR is the right partner for you. Our strategic alliances across the healthcare industry have allowed us to be active in 48 states throughout the United States. At Tangent-EHR, we are constantly innovating to keep pace with global healthcare environments that enable a transformational change in healthcare through technology.

Armed with over 25 years of real-time healthcare industry experience we are proud to say that our services are far superior that any of our competitors. We offer healthcare professionals a comprehensive EHR as well as a complete Revenue Cycle Management services.

Our billing & collection experts are industry leaders; with their experience your practice is sure to see a huge difference in revenue increase. Tangent-EHR is certified for over 75 medical specialties. The combination of amazing technology, combined with experienced billing & collection staff, your success is inevitable.

“Tangent One Solution = 100% Secured + Cloud Based + Tangent-EHR + Specialty Billing Services”

— Tangent System Corp.


Orthopedic billing - TangentEHR Billing System


The financial strength of any orthopedics practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement.

Chiropractic - Medical Billing Company


Studies indicate that over 83% of chiropractic claims failed to meet one or more documentation requirements.


Anesthesia billing differs from all other medical specialties – time unit calculations, anesthesia specific modifiers

Oncologists -Medical Billing Company EHR


Oncology billing is complex and requires a high level of experience and knowledge for appropriate coding, modifier application and payer-specific medical billing procedures.

Pain Management - Medical Billing Company

Pain Management

The financial strength of your pain management practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement.

Radiology - TangentEHR Billing Company


Patients involved in automobile accidents often require MRIs and CT Scans.