Technology Plus Service Equals Real Results: Healthcare providers all across the United States face similar challenges. With decreasing reimbursements and increasing denial rates, physicians are seeing a serious impact on their bottom line. In addition, as insurance carrier and HIPAA requirements change, physicians are dedicating more of their time and resources to administrative tasks and red tape.

To meet these challenges, you need a strong partner who understands the complexities of healthcare business. Since 1990, team at Tangent has been providing practice management software and medical billing services to physicians and healthcare facilities across the country. Our specialized medical billing service is designed to get physicians paid in the fastest manner possible.

Tangent has a proven track record of fixing broken medical billing processes and increasing collections. Healthcare providers are working harder and collecting less.

In-house billers or smaller medical billing companies are not collecting all of the money owed your practice. The money that needs to be collected simply sits on the books too long before it is paid. Your Account Receivable is out of control and your medical billing process is broken.

Tangent’s Technology plus Service delivers Real Results.

This unique approach to medical billing and collection maximizes the reimbursement process.

You will see an improvement in day-to-day collections and cash flow, while gaining increased insight into practice performance. This will result in enhanced profitability and more time to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Tangent is 100% Secured and Encrypted Cloud Based Software Suite

To keep our powerful billing and workflow center ultimately flexible, upgradeable and easy to master, we designed it as a modern, cloud-based solution. This keeps your practice connected 24/7 and makes for streamlined and error-free processes.

Tangent-EHR introduces a host of new possibilities that position your practice for long-term success. This includes: new payer rules to keep payments on track; follow-up and appeals to see every claim through to the end; global dictionary of insurance information; and account reviews for payer success assessment & improvement opportunity calculation.

Tangent High-tech Medical Billing Services

Tangent has a proven track record of taking practices stalled in the medical insurance billing problems and converting them into positive cash flow practices.

With us on your side you will see an immediate increasing in collections by 15% to more than 25% while simultaneously driving their days in Account Receivables below 45 days.

Tangent delivers this through the use of cutting edge technology, error resistant process engineering, and continuous management of key performance metrics and recruiting, rewarding and retaining outstanding employees.
  • Commercial billing
  • HMO
  • PPO
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Union insurance plan
  • Pre-adjudicate claims before the payers ever see them
  • Advanced claim scrubbing resulting in clean claims the first time
  • Claims submission, tracking and ensuring timely payment
  • Extensive follow-up and appeals process
  • EOB scanning and payment verification
  • New payer rule development

We know what will be denied before claims are submitted; this allows us to fix issues before the payers see the claims.
  • Compare payments to contractual allowable
  • Dedicate people to follow-up on claims that do not pay quickly
  • No waiting for the payer to get around to sending the denial
  • Vigorous pursuant of underpayments
  • Utilize an analytically driven patient collection process to maximize collection
  • Monthly account audits to examine payer successes
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Provide maximum process transparency through dashboard reporting
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tangent Delivers Results: In result your claims will be paid quickly and accurately. Your Account Receivables problems will be a thing of the past and you will be able to practice medicine instead of worrying about billing and collection.