We have customized accounting software built right into our NoFault medical billing system. Each dollar billed by us is accounted for on every step of the way till it reaches your bank account.

Real Time Accounting & Financial Overview: What good is any billing software if it can’t produce on demand accounting? Accounts receivable reports, aging reports, profit and loss ratios, we wanted to get away from all this needless reporting that results to nothing, but more reporting and confusion. The old fashion aging reports and account receivable reports leave many questions unanswered. There is no billing or accounting system that can answer the question, where exactly is the physician’s money?

Strategic partners: We speak with the physicians and selected staff monthly (as well as on an “as per needed basis”) to review the monthly reports, which provide an excellent picture of the practice’s billings and collections.

Custom reports: We offer over 150 Business Intelligence Reports. A Customized Accounts Receivable Report and or A Customized Business Intelligence Report, best suited for your practice and accounting is provided on monthly basis.

Custom User Friendly Reports: We decided to create an application that would address the needs of No-Fault accounting. With our accounting system, physicians can actually create custom reports to suit their individual needs.

Financial Report (Insurance Company): If you want to know how much money each individual insurance company owes your practice, this reporting system provides a financial overview breakdown of just that.

Financial Report (Medical Procedure): This feature of the reporting system allows you to get real time financial information using the query of any individual medical procedure, for example query of (EMG/NCV) will produce a report indicating how much money each insurance company owes your practice just for (EMG/NCV).

Financial Report (Multiple Locations): If you have a multi-location practice by using the location query you can produce any of the reports and cross-reference them with other locations, add medical procedure reports to the same reports for further detailed analysis.

“TFSS” True Financial Snap Shot: Where is your money?Our real time accounting system highlights exactly what stage each and every individual claim is at any given moment. This report empowers the physicians to get an accurate financial overview of the entire practice rather than relying on just the billing company or the collection attorney’s word.

TEN Thousand Dollar Challenge: Let us conduct a 90 minute, complimentary audit of your billing department. If we don’t find any issues that may make you lose money, we will give you $10,000.00 dollar case, Guaranteed!