Tangent-EHR is one of the leading healthcare information technology solution providers that offer physicians a comprehensive Electronic Healthcare System (EHR). We offer an all-inclusive software suite called Tangent One Solution–TOS. It’s a 100% secured, cloud-based, and completely integrated software, which delivers end-to-end solution for practice management.

Tangent One Solution–TOS utilizes a single-database platform, delivering healthcare providers a powerful solution; from the time a patient is scheduled to the time the payment is made by the insurance carrier.

Tangent One Solution–TOS will improve the your financial performance and ultimately transform your medical practice into a successful business enterprise. We serve an ever-increasing range of diverse healthcare providers, spread across various healthcare specialties.

Whether you are a solo practitioner, medium sized practice, or a large healthcare organization; Tangent-EHR is the right partner for you. Our strategic alliances across the healthcare industry have allowed us to be active in 48 states throughout the United States.

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